What Carol Does

Carol is a writer and editor. She was formerly the editor of the JAARS flagship magazine, Rev.7 Every Nation People Language. Next she worked with a team creating an open-source Bible translation helps project. See https://www.unfoldingword.org/ and https://door43.org. Later she worked for a year as an editor with SIL International.

In the past few years she has had the joy and privilege of editing all or parts of several Christian books, including:

All the World Is Singing
Worship and Mission for the Global Church: an Ethnodoxology Handbook
Sleeping Coconuts by John and Bonnie Nystrom
Astonishing Grace by Edwin S. Walker III
Kissed on Arrival and Other Travel Adventures by Rob Holmes
The Rock Cries Out by Jeanne Zaugg
Jesus Is My Owner by Eugene and Marie Scott
Passionate Pacifist: The Life Story of Ora Ivan Huston by Albert Huston
Bwana Mganga: La Vie de Dr C. Donald Nelson by Jack E. Nelson
All Because of Christ by Adina McCloy and Marcella Lindgren
Airborne at the End of the Earth by Nate Gordon

Since late 2016 she has been working on the Lama(Togo)-French-English dictionary and the Lama language grammar.