Beautiful Quotes

“God is on the lookout for those with hearts perfect toward Himself.

He is not a talent scout looking for somebody strong enough or

good enough. He is looking for someone with a heart set on

pleasing Him and an eye single to His glory. He will do the rest.”

— Vance Havner, pastor-evangelist (1901-1986)

“Do not pray for tasks equal to your powers;

pray for powers equal to your tasks.”

— Phillips Brooks, bishop and orator (1835-1893)

“...the severest suffering can become just a thorn

to pin aside the veil that hides the face of Christ,….”

— John Gilman

“It is not to be imagined that He who has helped us in six troubles

will leave us in the seventh.”

— Charles Haddon Spurgeon (1834-1892)

“I shall not live until I see God; and when I have seen him, I shall never die.”

— John Donne (1572-1631)

“A metropolitan (bishop) of the Orthodox Church in Russia was

faced with an atheist in the congregation who loudly declared,

‘Today nobody believes in the resurrection of Christ.’

“Instead of answering the claim, the metropolitan cried out,

‘Christ is risen!’ and the hall, which was supposedly filled with

atheists, responded with a roar, ‘Indeed He is risen!’”

— Elisabeth Elliot

“If faith, for us, does mean following, then I believe it will one day

lead us to a point where we begin to glimpse all that Christ means.

And in that moment, the rush of joy and celebration may resemble

the frenzy you see on the face of someone who, in the midst of

opening a Christmas gift, realizes that it is the one present they

have been hoping for. A sort of holy panic.”

— from The Promise by Michael Card

“Forgiveness is the perfume that the trampled flower

cast back upon the foot that crushed it.”

— Anonymous