Neal and Carol Brinneman, September 2017

Neal’s earthly journey ended May 26, 2018, now safe in the

arms of Jesus. See Remembering Neal in site menu.

After 48 years with Wycliffe, Carol retired in August 2018.

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We are Neal and Carol Brinneman working with Wycliffe Bible Translators and assigned to the JAARS Center, in Waxhaw, North Carolina.

We joined Wycliffe in 1970—separately, before we married. Neal went to northern Togo in 1972 as a translator for the Lama language. Carol went to south-central Côte d’ Ivoire (Ivory Coast) in the same year, also as a translator, for the Godié language. After marrying in 1979, Carol moved to Neal’s language project.

In 1993, we and Lama team members finished the translation of the Lama New Testament. It was dedicated in May 1994. The team is continuing now with the translation of the Old Testament. We continue supporting the project in various ways from here. 

In August 1994, we began working at JAARS. Neal serves as a language technical consultant for translators who need computer assistance for creating and managing their translations, bilingual dictionaries, and other data. Carol is a writer and editor. We call our newsletter Keys of the Kingdom since we both work on computer keys.

We have two sons, Daniel (born 1981) and Benjamin (1983).

We hope you not only enjoy our site, but learn about Bible translation and its challenges.