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Supporting Bible translation as language technical consultant, and editor
November 2017

The Sharif Bible

Over the last several months Neal has assisted a team though Paratext training and support in preparing a study Bible. The translation of the Sharif Bible was completed in 2000. Since then two men, who are with a denominational mission, have been writing notes for the Bible, which will equip the readers who come to Christ and will be leaders in their assemblies. The notes focus on issues of special interest and help to them.

From “The Sharif Bible is the complete Bible in modern Arabic. It is a dynamic translation and attempts to transfer the meaning of the original text into simple, modern, standard, literary Arabic. This is meant to be understandable across the Arab world, so regional words and expressions are avoided.”

The most recent version of Paratext now allows building a study Bible: adding introductions, notes, cross references, and more.

Portuguese Translation for Translators

Dr. Ellis Deibler recently published Translation for Translators (TfT). It is a translation of the Bible that uses simple English and shows by example how implicit information in the original languages can be made explicit where needed, as well as alternate wordings possible in producing Scriptures into a language. Two women working in Brazil translated the New Testament part of TfT into Portuguese, the official language of Brazil. Neal was asked to put the files into Paratext. He then found a Brazilian to do a spellcheck. Neal discovered that two chapters and one verse were missing, so those were completed. This resource has now been made available to those who work in Portuguese-speaking countries. Neal is hoping a Spanish speaker will come forward to translate TfT into that language. Ellis and his wife/coworker, Martha, were very happy to hear that their publication was translated into another language.

Script creation

One day a man from Asia (a country we cannot mention) showed up at the JAARS Center looking for someone to help him create a script for his language. He was a priest who wanted to start Bible translation into his language but had no way to type it. Usually such requests are handled by SIL’s Non-Roman Script Initiative (, but as they had not yet dealt with that script, Neal went ahead and created one, which will be useful until the team can eventually perfect it. Here is a portion of it, a syllabary, as every character represents a consonant and a vowel:

Two books

In the last few weeks, Carol was asked to edit two books by Wycliffe missionaries. One is a devotional-picture book about Jesus as our Rock. The other, much longer, is the biography of a couple who served as Bible translators to a people group in Peru. They started in 1958, nine years of which Wycliffe’s founder Cameron Townsend also worked there. The husband-author has always been a great storyteller, and many people in our mission have asked him when he was going to get his book written. He will turn 90 in November. So this is a great privilege for me to help this loving couple.

Thirty-one Scriptures (New Testaments or Bibles) were completed worldwide in 2017, which we celebrated recently at the JAARS Center. This is a photo of one of two bookcases in our auditorium, which contain copies of every Scripture publication ever done by our mission worldwide. It is breathtaking to see these in person and to realize the years of work that went into them all. 

This letter would not be complete without a photo of our grandkids, Maggie Rose and Pierce, now four months and twenty months. ☺

Our grateful thanks to all for your prayers, correspondence, and gifts, which enable us to support Bible translation.

We appreciate you and love you,

Carol and Neal Brinneman

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