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February 2011

Blood-red Love

We all like to receive chocolates, cards, and gifts on Valentine’s Day. One gift, however, far surpasses all our human efforts to express love. Jesus offers us his great heart of love and his red blood. God his Father told the ancient Hebrews that “the blood is the life.” Over and over he charged them not to ingest it, but to pour it out before the altar (Deut. 12:20–28).

Just before Jesus’ blood was poured out on the cross, he told his disciples to, symbolically, drink it. “This is my blood of the covenant, which is poured out for many for the forgiveness of sins” (Matt. 26:28). What a shocking epiphany this must have been for them. They could receive true life into their own bodies and souls only through the personal offer of their long-awaited Savior.

Thank you, Lord, for your blood-red love that makes life worth living.

Neal's report

The following notes show you some of the projects Neal has worked on in the last three months.

Translator Hank (and Ruth) Hershberger
“We are getting the Pennsylvania Deitsh Bible ready for publishing. In a recent workshop Neal taught us to use Paratext, the software needed for publishing Scripture. We’re grateful to the Lord for this, and for all the times Neal has answered my questions and walked me through problems over the phone.”

Pennsylvania Deitsh (PD) is the dialect of German spoken by the Amish. They do not understand standard German, even though they use Luther’s German Bible translation in church. The New Testament in PD was published in 1994; so far around 17,000 copies have been sold in probably all the states where Amish live. Since its publication, the team has been working on the Old Testament in Ohio, Hank’s home area. He was raised Amish, and PD is his first language.

Translation consultant for Africa
“I am just beginning to work as a translation consultant, and needed some significant upgrading on my technical skills. Neal spent a bunch of time coaching and training me, right before a trip to Africa. While there, we used the program, which he had taught me, many hours of every day. I was so thankful for his expertise. I would have been completely lost at sea without his help. The immediate impact of his training was a huge blessing!” —a woman from Georgia, U.S.

Translators in Southeast Asia 
“Due to visa constraints, we are based in the U.S. and make two or three short trips a year to work with the mother-tongue translation team in Southeast Asia. Neal kindly agreed to help give me training in BART [Biblical Analysis Research Tool] and Translators Workplace software, which enables me to easily do the exegesis and research required for the translation without lugging 50 pounds of books wherever we go!

“Neal worked with me one-on-one and was really patient, especially as I am not gifted with computers! I had been using this software for years, just struggling along on my own, but Neal was able to teach me in just a few hours a couple key things that will save me days and days of extra work.”

Carol's report

I hope you enjoyed reading the last issue of Rev. 7, “Roadblocks.” Feedback revealed it was a favorite issue for many. Maybe readers could relate because they all drive vehicles! I am grateful to all the article authors, my team, and to God who is responsible for the “harvest.”(1 Cor. 3:6). And I thank you for your prayers.

Our designer is working on our April issue. Using a slight sci-fi slant and fiction stories, we are trying something new. It’s exciting and a bit scary, too. My work keeps me depending on God for his help and guidance. If you do not receive this free quarterly magazine, why not subscribe by calling 888-773-1178 or e-mailing

Here’s an e-mail note that came in recently from a colleague. She asked that I pass it on to you, my friends.
Dear Rev. 7 Staff,
When people at home [in the U.S.] think about Bible translation, they probably think of missionaries working in exotic locations. The JAARS Center in Waxhaw, N.C., does not exactly qualify! However, your work on the Rev. 7 staff is vitally important to the work of Bible translation. Most of your readers will never have the opportunity to physically visit a language team on the field. Yet through the pages of Rev. 7, people experience firsthand the joys and challenges of Bible translation. Your work provides prayer and financial support that our teams on the field would not otherwise receive. I’m guessing that you don’t often receive a thank-you note from the field, but I wanted to let you know how much you are appreciated. Thank you for your willingness to serve at JAARS and for being a very vital part of the Bible translation team.
Joyfully serving with you,
—A grateful Wycliffe worker, assisting language communities in a sensitive region

Carol’s book editing project
In November and December, John Nystrom completed a draft of around 90,000 words. We then reduced it to around 60,000 words. He’s busy in January and February with translation workshops in Papua New Guinea, but in early March he will do some rewriting and then I can start editing again. Please pray for this project, which we trust will draw young people into Bible translation work.

Thank you!

Thanks for all the birthday cards sent to Neal and me, and for your Christmas greetings!

Thank you for your friendship, prayers, e-mails, and financial support. We experience God’s love and faithfulness through you!

In Christian love,
Neal and Carol Brinneman